St Helens Karate

#1 in Google

When a Karate Club asks you to create them a site that ranks top in Google - you've got to get it right first time!

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China Visa Bureau

400% Lift in Sales

Overwelming feedback for the new China Visa Bureau website from the huge increase in new clients.

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Get yours Now!

Get your site up and running even quicker! eCommerce design to sales within 4 weeks.

Four Reasons to call Zen now!

First Great Reason!

1No Non-sense Approach. With Zen we promise you an open and honest relationship. We refuse to sell you anything you don’t need. We won’t blind you will technical jargon. And we will tell you when we’ve made a mistake.

  • Open & Honest
  • No technical jargon
  • No pressure selling
Second Great Reason!

2At Zen we focus on growing your business. We look for long term relationships with our clients, growing our business as yours grow. Nothing makes us smile more than you tell everyone what a fantastic job we do.

  • Long term relationships
  • We grow as you grow
  • Rely on your referals
Third Great Reason!

3Not just techies – we have years of real world business experience and commercial acumen. Exactly what you need if you’re developing a new sales channel or product. It’s that experience we pass on that helps us stand out.

  • Not just techies
  • Real word business experience
  • Apply our experience
Fourth Great Reason!

4Aiming for ISO9001, we follow an industry standard development process with client sign-off at every stage. Without your approval it doesn’t process. Not only are you part of the process – you’re essential to it.

  • Industry standard processes
  • Client sign-off at every stage
  • You’re part of the process
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